Women’s Workshop

Teamwork with Horses invites women into a safe space for self- discovery, curiosity and play. This experience provides individual hands-on horse exercises, self-exploratory coaching and play. This is an empowering experience in the presence of horses and like-minded women. Great for women looking to enhance their well-being.

What is this all about?

Horses are our partners in leadership training, team building, and personal development.

Our process is based on adult experiential learning and a 5-question facilitation model that helps the participant process what the horses reveal during ground based activities.

The basic foundation is built on the premise that how we interact with horses is an indication of how we interact with others.  How you solve a problem or reach a goal with the horses is reflected in your day-to-day environment.

Real change doesn’t happen when others give you the answers. Real, sustainable change comes when you discover the answers yourself. Our workshops give you the guidance to allow you to find your own awareness and self-truths.

Tell Me More:

Each workshop provides a unique opportunity to practice being in the moment, to gain insight in your life, reflect, discuss ideas (if desired), and to be in a nurturing environment with like-minded women.

No riding or horse knowledge or experience is needed.  Just your presence and willingness to show up for the experience.

A workshop consists of:

  • Arrival and sign in 
  • Introductions and short focusing exercise
  • Safety overview
  • Activity with the horses
  • Debrief of activity and reflection
  • Break
  • Activity with horses
  • Debrief of activity and reflection
  • Closing celebration activity with personal reflection and goals

All workshops have a “Celebration” time to spend in gratitude with the horses and our other attendees.

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