Special Groups and Events

We work with various groups or special events, from wine tours, girls day out, mens retreats, family groups, church groups, engagement parties, etc. to create a unique and memorable experience. Depending on the groups or events focus, we create an experience where we partner with the horses to achieve the desired goals and outcome whether it be a fun day out or a specific outcome. For your event we would partner with the horses to create a unique time for your group that supports a connection with the herd and fellow participants.  Our horses enjoy the opportunity to interact and “teach” humans how to be in the moment and find connection and peace.  During the planning stage we would meet to look at the layout for the event and the activities that would best fit the focus/goals.  There is no horse experience needed and there is no riding involved. All your group needs to bring is their willingness to show up for the experience. 

By incorporating ground-based activities and interaction with the horses we can promote an environment of empowerment, mindfulness, confidence, and friendship.  Your group will practice being in the moment while also being in the presence of these intelligent, sentient creatures.  Since they are a mirror reflection of us, their feedback is used to create a learning environment.  The participants will feel the impact of the power of the herd and their support of us as humans.  Partnering with horses creates opportunity for positive changes, experiential learning, and greater peace and presence.  There will be many “ah-ha” moments that will engage the heart, spark curiosity, and create an impactful lasting experience.  Finding our strengths, feeling supported, and empowered would be the goal for the day. 

You and your group might ask Why Horses for our event?  Horses are powerful herd animals. As they are also prey animals, horses are highly intuitive and live in the present. They respond to energy and mirror back exactly what they are sensing from us. In that way, they care more about how we say something than what we say. They establish partnerships and relationships within the herd based on trust, mutual respect, and a willingness to cooperate. In this way they also partner with humans to be the best we can be.  Rather its a group that wants to have fun or a specific focus, the horses can help you achieve it.

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