About Us

Letitia has an extensive background in working with horses. She found at a young age that horses brought more to her than just an animal to ride. She found herself when she was with horses and they helped her navigate her young life. As an adult she bought her first “adult” horse, Apollo, and owned him for over 25 years. She always called him her “heart” horse because she found her peace when she was with him. With Apollo gone, Melody is her current “heart” horse and Apollo loved them both. Over 12 years ago she founded a program rescuing and homing horses that didn’t have a home and started sharing them with people. Over the years she realized that as with her own childhood and adult life, horses bring more to people in many ways. Horses help us to be the best us by reflecting back our feelings and emotions. They provide a peace to our day, a nonjudgemental sounding board, and a reflection of ourselves. She is now trained and certified in Equine Experiential Education (E3A) to team with the horses to do workshops for corporations, individuals, groups, and organizations in a facilitation and coaching model that resonates with her true passion “Helping horses and teaming with them to help people”.

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