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“Partnering with horses…”

Letitia Weikel-Peterson

Letitia has an extensive background in both running a corporation and working with horses. She decided to bring the two together by getting certified with Equine Experiential Education (E3A) where she received the training to team with the horses to do workshops for corporations, leaders, individuals, groups, and organizations. Using a facilitation and coaching model the work resonates with her true passion “Helping horses and teaming with them to help people”.

The business: Drawing upon her years running an engineering firms and volunteering for oraganizations, she uses that to

The horses: She found at a young age that horses brought more to her than just an animal to ride. She found herself when she was with horses and they helped her navigate her young life. As an adult she bought her first “adult” horse, Apollo, and owned him for over 25 years. She always called him her “heart” horse because she found her peace when she was with him. With Apollo gone, Melody is her current “heart” horse and Apollo loved them both. Over 12 years ago she founded a program rescuing and homing horses that didn’t have a home and started sharing them with people. Over the years she realized that as with her own childhood and adult life, horses bring more to people in many ways. Horses help us to be the best us by reflecting back our feelings and emotions. They provide a peace to our day, a nonjudgemental sounding board, and a reflection of ourselves.

Letitia Weikel Peterson

Nina Press

Nina grew up with horses and has loved them since she was a young girl. She has always been drawn to horses and the power of these magnificent animals. During college, she spent summers in Montana working for a large horse ranch, continuing to fuel her love and experience with horses. After college, she entered the corporate world, gaining experience in areas of finance, statistics and the high-tech world. When her daughter started taking riding lessons, Nina eagerly came back into the world of horses. From there, her involvement grew from volunteering to the exciting world of equine learning and facilitation. Several years ago, Nina heard about a concept called heart intelligence. This concept recognizes the science behind the heart’s role in our lives and decisions. She is exploring courses with the HeartMath Institute to further understand this concept and use it in conjunction with EAL/EFL. Nina is continuing to grow her knowledge of horses and EAL/EFL work and is currently working towards her certification with Equine Experiential Education Association (E3A).

Nina Press

Alyssa Hauser

After spending time as a working student with a local dressage trainer, Alyssa started working with Letitia when she was only 16 and joined her 4H group.  When the other trainer left the country Alyssa started on her journey with Letitia to build the type of program that would build relationship and partnership with the horse while teaching lessons and holding actitivities at the barn.  After college, Alyssa went full time taking in second chance horses (yes, she’s in on it too đŸ™‚ ) and helping to create a program to take care of them.  

Alyssa Hauser

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